Neu-BeCalm'd Improve ADD ADHD Symptoms, Increase Focus, Control, and Conduct

Neu-Be-Calm’d to Improve ADD ADHD
Increase Focus, Control, and Conduct

Are you searching for an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs to cope with ADHD?

Do you want a safe, effective alternative to improve you or your child’s health and well-being?

Neu-Becalm’d can improve ADD ADHD symptoms and increase focus, control, and conduct.

Neu-Becalm’d™ actually works to rebuild the brain chemistry necessary to provide nutritional support for increased mental function.

With four patents, Neu-BeCALM’d™ was developed through research at the University of Texas Health Science Center the work of several scientists at NeuroGenesis.

It is the ONLY product of its kind granted use of selected neurotransmitter enhancing ingredients providing nutritional support for:


Neu-beCALMd™ is an all-natural supplement that gives the brain-targeted nutrients to aid in the replenishing and balancing of neurotransmitters.

If you suffer with poor mental focus and/or the effects of stress, beCALM’d™ provides the best nutritional support to address your problems.

“Neu-beCALM’d is Backed by Science”

Dr. Terry Neher
“Scientists recently learned that when handling lack of focus the brain uses significant quantities of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters).

At some point, the level and/or number of stressors can cause the brain to run out of these chemicals.

Typically, when this happens, a person first begins to experience difficulty sleeping, depression, anger, anxiety and a general lack of interest.”

Sound familiar?

ADD ADHD Drugs only mask the true problem

Lack of mental and emotional focus is due to an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. While we cannot say that Neu-Becalm’d™ will treat any of these problems, it can help restore the natural balance and improved mental function.
Why Does it Work So Well?

One of the reasons the product works so well is the synergism of the ingredients;

What “scientists” seem to forget is that amphetamines only “attempt” to activate and increase “activity times” of norepinepherine and dopamine and increases serotonin activity, but don’t contribute to manufacture higher quantities of neurotransmitters.

beCALM’d™ actually works to rebuild the brain chemistry necessary by providing nutritional support for increased mental focus and decreased stress.

Neu-BeCALM’d is the only product that restores the brain by providing basic building blocks it needs for focus and calm.

In order to focus you need certain amino acids. Many people have attention problems lack the essential amino acid, Phenylalanine.

Problem: Unless you get all the right amino acids and nutrients in your diet (which most of us don’t) you start to display ADD-ADHD like symptoms.

Phenylalanine Example: You need a “balanced” brain chemistry. One of the major amino acids needed is Phenylalanine. You need to supplement with Phenylalanine because your body cannot manufacture it from other chemicals.

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Take 30 minutes or more before meals.
Adults and children over 80 lbs. should take one serving (two capsules) up to three times per day.

Children 40 – 60 lbs. should take one serving (two capsules) one time per day.
Children 60 – 80 lbs. should take one serving (two capsules) two times per day.


Should not be taken with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), antipsychotic medications or for panic disorders. Should not be used by pregnant or lactating women. Should not be taken by phenylketonurics (PKU). This product is not intended to take the place of prescription medications. Anyone taking medications should consult a doctor before using any product.

Each Serving of NeuBecalm’d Contains:
Supplement Facts: Serving size 2 capsule(s)
Servings per container 44.5 (for 89 capsule bottle) and 45 (for 90 capsule bottle) and 90 (for 180 capsule bottle)

All Natural Ingredients – Give your child only the best! All the ingredients are natural and of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, and the amino acids are derived from plant sources. The capsules are made from an animal extract.

Note – Does NOT Tranquilize like many drugs – beCALM’d helps balance neurotransmitters and reduce the impact of adrenalin. A reduction in adrenalin output and impact is sensed as a calmed state.

What Others Are Saying…

“Neu-beCALM’d Taken by Fighter Pilots On US Missions

Our squadron took the dietary supplement be’CALM’d during Operation Desert Storm. be’CALM’d is an amino acid, vitamin, and mineral formulation produced by NeuroGenesis. We asked for it because a member of our squadron is a science teacher in civilian life, and he told us it can provide the nutrition needed to restore neurotransmitters”
First, I have been a behavioral health professional for almost 30 years. I started with kids, and now work with mostly adults and adolescents and see daily the scars of untreated or mistreated ADD/ADHD. And these scars are no more unfortunate than those created by the injudicious use of amphetamines. That is not to say that these drugs don’t have some role to play (although I’ll admit that any role is difficult for me to justify in my mind), but that the future addicts we are creating my using this drug to treat our children must be a serious consideration. Especially when there are natural products like beCalmd, based upon solid research, that work so well for so many.

I had put off giving this product to our son for a few years, hoping that what we were seeing was just a lack of application or laziness on his part. But this last year the evidence was irrefutable.

So in desperation, really, I ordered beCalmd. I had recommended this product to many, many patients over the last few years, but for some reason had avoided it with my own son. The old cobbler’s kids tale. Anyhow, the difference in him (he is 14, going on 15 this August) is nothing short of astounding. And I don’t impress easily. So thank you, and keep up the good work!”

-Dr. John Gardin — Clinical Psychologist

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This is Where Neu-beCalm’d Comes In

Phenylalanine produces Dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, love and attachment. Phenylalanine is used in artificial sweeteners because it has a slightly sweet taste.

(The only time phenylalanine has been found to be a problem is the use of the free form powder. This appears to put too much into the blood stream too quickly and causes a spike in adrenalin output. When phenylalanine is combined with other protein, or is in the capsule form, the problem did not occur.)

We combine both forms of phenylalanine for slower absorption and encapsulate it with other products for maximum protection and effect.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 3.47.40 PM

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First, I have been a behavioral health professional for almost 30 years. I started with kids, and now work with mostly adults and adolescents and see daily the scars of untreated or mistreated ADD/ADHD. And these scars are no more unfortunate than those created by the injudicious use of amphetamines. That is not to say that these drugs don’t have some role to play (although I’ll admit that any role is difficult for me to justify in my mind), but that the future addicts we are creating my using this drug to treat our children must be a serious consideration. Especially when there are natural products like beCalmd, based upon solid research, that work so well for so many.

I had put off giving this product to our son for a few years, hoping that what we were seeing was just a lack of application or laziness on his part. But this last year the evidence was irrefutable. So in desperation, really, I ordered beCalmd. I had recommended this product to many, many patients over the last few years, but for some reason had avoided it with my own son. The old cobbler’s kids tale. Anyhow, the difference in him (he is 14, going on 15 this August) is nothing short of astounding. And I don’t impress easily. So thank you, and keep up the good work!

— Dr. John Gardin — Clinical Psychologist

The results of using BeCalm’d with my 11yr old son is a miracle. I was at wits end….I was ready to get ritalin or something like it to help him concentrate. He was asking for help. It has changed his life. It use to be a fight for days to get him to do a 30 min homework assignment. Now he gets it done before I can even remind him to do it. We use to have daily arguments about nothing. He would just badger, and annoy….Since he has been taking the BeCalm’d for the last month and a half we have not had one argument…If you would like me to tell you more, I would be more than happy to at a later date. I will say that I work in middle school and see a lot of kids on adderall and ritalin. I was trying everything to not put my son on it. I just by chance found your cite on the web and decided to try it. The stress is gone from our home……I have gone on the monthly program and am thinking about being a rep for your company. Thank you again

— Debbie — (Middle School Special Ed Aide)

It has been seven days now, that i have been taking beCALM’d. I am taking 2 in the morning, two in the afternoon and two right before bed time, all of them with orange juice. I feel better, well let me explain. I use to get up in the morning feeling tired even after a full nights sleep. When i goto school, i don’t get worried about tests or class that much. I use to goto class and worry about learning everything that was taught. But now it’s like i have the confidence that i will do good. And no more stress at all before my mid-terms this week. Also i have noticed that i am not that hungry anymore , i am not sure why , but before a test in the past i would eat alot, and feel realy bad before class and tests. So i will continue taking this amount for several more days, to make sure everything is going great. I have never been diagnosed with having ADD or ADHD. Before i started taking beCALM’d. i didn’t pay attention to class or any of my subject that well. It’s always been this way, i just figured i was lazy or something . But who knows i may have something like that and this B’calmd is helping to put right, what has been wrong for some time now.

— John — Happy College Student

I just wanted to write and thank you for the Becalm’d kids chewables. As you know, we’d been praying for an answer to help our eight-year-old son, who would often get very frustrated and angry. As he is home-schooled, it became more and more apparent that he may have partial A.D.D. We were not willing to go the route of ‘Ritalin’, or any similar drugs, and so, I had been praying for the Lord to lead me to a solution. I looked up A.D.D. on the internet and found the BeCalm’d tablets on your website. Our son is not able to swallow capsules or tablets, but when I contacted you, you were able to provide me with the new kids chewables, that had only just come on the market!! What a timely and wonderful answer to prayer! We started our son on two in the morning and two at night, but after the first bottle, we did not notice any significant improvement. On the second bottle, I increased his dose to three morning and night, and after about a week at that level, he really began to improve. I am delighted to report, that we’re almost through our 3rd bottle and he is a much calmer, more relaxed and happy little boy. The difference is obvious to our whole family and I just wanted to write and thank you, most sincerely, for this wonderful product. I have already recommended BeCalm’d to several others in similar situations, and I am most grateful to NeuroGenesis, Inc. for coming up with a “natural” alternative to help our precious children. It really is a blessing to us, and again, my sincere thanks for all your help.

— Jane D. —

I placed an order for beCalmd with you a month or so ago, and the difference in my son is truly amazing. I have been a clinical psychologist for many years, and have a degree in chemistry as well, so approached using this product with some healthy skepticism. I am thankful that it has proven itself to be very effective. Trouble is, I’ve lost all but your email address, and my son is running out. I would like to order another bottle.

I read about BeCalm’d when trying to research about alternative for Ritalin. My son, 16, has been on and off Ritalin since age 3. They don’t seem to work on him any more.
The last 2 months have been the most difficult for us. He was totally unmanageable. His Temper Tantrums ended in violence and I had to call 911 for help three times in just one month.
I started him on the BeCalm’d on 1st of March and since then he seems to be getting angry but manages to control himself tactfully. We have not had those episodes again and I am hoping the BeCalm’d will help him thru the stress of being a teenager and his ADD.
I can foresee my secret suffering coming to an end soon. BeCalm’d has worked miraculously with him. He is in control and I am thankful to the manufacturers of BeCalm’d for bringing out such a wonderful product.
I would also like to thank for the guidance I received from them as far as the dosage and other questions and the confidence I got from their emails which finally made me try the product on my son.
My advice to parents with an ADD child is, don’t leave out this option – Try it out! It has no side effects and it may just be a miracle you have been waiting for.
— Shellina — Toronto, Canada

Good afternoon! I am so excited about beCALM’D. This product is amazing. My son was on 25mg of Zoloft and 40mgs a day of Ritalin. We had tried Aderrall and Effexor and that was not a good thing for us, so we switched to Ritalin and Zoloft. My name is Lisa. I have a 9 year son with ADD/ADHD. When he was 7, he was diagnosed with ADD. He had not had any problems until his 2nd grade year. There was a horrible conflict in personalities between my son and his teacher. We have been through family counseling, through counseling with a Child Psychologist and a Child Psychiatrist. They all wanted my son on Ritalin and Zoloft. (after, Adderall and Effexor didn’t help) I hated drugging my son. He is a beautiful and very intelligent child. In our school system, they label children on medications. This also caused an anxiety for my son at school. A few months ago, I decided to search for more information on ADD/ADHD. Every website that I would go to would show beCALM’D. So I decided to try it. We are now 2 months into beCALM’D and so far we have dropped down to 5 mg of Ritalin a day and are weaning off of the Zoloft now. Before, my son would have to take .01 mg of Clonidine just to sleep at night. I knew that medicating him that much could not be healthy or safe. After trying beCALM’D, we are doing wonderful. My son Jess is now playing with other children, doing well in school, and doing wonderful at home. The stress level in our home is so low now that we are finally able to enjoy our son. He notices the difference and noticed that by taking beCALM’D in the morning and evening, he would not have to take medication at school. I am very greatful for the makers of beCALM’D. I hope that others will learn about beCALM’D and have wonderful results just like our family has. I am currently working with two other families who have started beCALM’D after seeing such wonderful results that my family is having. I am also very interested in helping others learn more and find their way to beCALM’D just as we have. Thanks again for this live saving product.

— Lisa — Winnfield, LA

Our doctor, who was totally against the beCALM’d or anything else, is now telling others about the beCALM’d. Why are some doctors so closed minded to things such as this? If its not pushed by one of the pharmaceutical reps or its name isn’t on a writing tablet he is given, it doesn’t exist. Our son has been on Ritalin for the last 3 years just because he told us that was best for him. Now I realize that was total BS.

— K. Broussard — Lafayette, Louisiana
I am a mother of the sweetest little boy in the world………and the greatest miracle of all is that my son was able to completely get off of the Ritalin and two months ago, he was able to return to his school. Our little private hell has ceased and we are praying everyday that it keeps on working.

— D. Sanders — Tucson, AZ.

He was put on Ritalin because the local school district informed us that if we did not put him on medication he would be removed from school. In fact his first year in school was a nightmare from the start. Kindergarten is suppose to be fun, and enjoyable for the child, however, Christopher had the teacher from hell and she made his life miserable. He could do nothing right and at the end of the school year she was going to flunk him out of her class, if it were not for me doing a little threatening of my own. Christopher’s teacher thought he was nothing but trouble, to hyperactive, too hard to manage and she wanted nothing to do with him. This was the start of our own nightmare and our introduction to Ritalin and ADD. For the next 8 years are little boy was on this medication because without it he would not be allowed to continue in our public school system. We tried every remedy known to mankind, different herbs, vitamins, liquid vitamins, you name it we tried it. Nothing worked and as the years progressed so did our frustration and the weekly confrontations with the local school. My wife volunteers at the school in the office area weekly, and she has told me of the hundreds of kids that are on Ritalin and other medication. They line up everyday to get their medication in order for them to stay in school and they attempt to do their work in a drug induced state.
About 12 months ago we were told to put Christopher on Adderall and that this medication would work better and would last longer. The side effects were the same, dehydration, loss of appetite, growth limitations and violent mood swings and the fact that no one knows what the long term affects on our children’s health will be. We did as the Doctor advised and he has been on Adderall since. Anytime Christopher has a bad day in school, the teachers want to know if he took his medication for the day, you see, once a child is labeled ADD or hyperactive, it stays with them, and it its locked in the teachers minds, thus if the child has a problem, it must be that he/she did not take their medication. I am sure this goes on in public schools all over this country and parents like us have no choice or our choices are very limited. If you want your child to stay in school Ritalin or Adderall is their solution to any and all behavioral problems.
We have struggled with these medications because no one knows the long term affects that they will have on our children. Some children have even died due to long term dosage of Ritalin, but what is a parent to do. I would do anything to get my child off this medication and we have looked high and low for an answer. The answer did come to us recently with phone call. A friend of mine, Bryan Wirth informed me of a product that was developed for children diagnosed with Add/Adhd, the product, BeCalm’d and it is 100% natural. We were very skeptical at first, not sure what to make of it and really cautious not to get our hopes up to high.
We started off slowly, two pills in the morning, two in the afternoon and one at night. We slowly took Christopher off of Adderall, basically we weaned him off of it, just like you would do to a drug addict. After all these years my little boy was hooked, hooked on a prescribed drug that made him feel terrible but one he knew he had to take in order stay in school. We were very upfront with Christopher, we told him about this new product, BeCalm’d and what it could do for him. We told him that we really needed his help and we wanted him to let us know how he was feeling while on this product. Christopher had always told us he did not like the medication, Adderall or Ritalin because it made him feel weird. Not to mention the other children would tease him once they found out he was on medication.
From the very first day without Adderall, Christopher noticed a difference in how he felt. He said he felt good, and we noticed an amazing side effect of BeCalm’d, Christopher began eating more than he had ever eaten before and this started on his first day with BeCalm’d and his first day without Adderall. You see while Christopher was on Ritalin and Adderall, his daily diet was simple, a piece of toast for breakfast, no lunch, and a few bites of food for dinner, that was it. He was very much underweight (a common side effect), he is very short for his age (another side effect), his lips are constantly dry and chapped severely (another side effect), and he drinks constantly which is also a side effect due to dehydration. So we took are time and we take each day, one day at a time, and each day we see a remarkable improvement in our son’s attitude and behavior. I will keep you updated as we progress forward with this remarkable product BeCalm’d.
My recommendation: Take your time and look through the website, absorb all the information, and try our product. The sooner you get your child off of Ritalin or Adderall the better. Please do not wait, the longer you wait the more harm you could be doing to your child. These ingredients are 100% natural, FOOD FOR THE BRAIN, you have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain!
If you do decide to try our product, DO NOT take your child off his/her medication right away. Go slow, Ritalin and Adderall are very powerful mind altering drugs, and if you take your child off medication right away you will see some very wild mood swings.

— Bobby Brown —
Becalmd really seems to be helping my husband. He has suffered, undiagnosed and unmedicated, with depression for a long time. He still has some setbacks now and then but not near as often as he used to. My husbands son, who didn’t know my husband was on the supplement has noticed the difference as well as his mother and aunt. I really feel it is making a difference- and it has only been one month! When he does get in one of his moods they don’t last as long as they used to – what a relief- for those of us who have to live with him!! :o) I will order again when he gets to the last bottle- probably 2 weeks or so Thanks again!

— Kim —

beCalm’d is working great for me. I was on Prozac and have weaned off of that and also off of Xanax. I told my husband that I feel “normal” – a feeling I haven’t known in years. I’ve struggled with depression since my dad died in 1997 and have been on several different antidepressants. They all had side effects that I hated. I’ve also been diagnosed with PTSD in the past (due to a trauma I suffered as a child that I had blocked out most of my life) and when I read the reports about soldiers with PTSD whom this product worked for, I decided what the heck – what did I have to lose? Like I said, I feel “normal” – I have energy, I sleep better, and my libido is back. I don’t have near the mood swings that I had before. I’m also not a walking zombie. I tell everyone I know about this product. I feel better than I ever have in my whole life. Thanks for checking with me. I’ll be sure to let you know if I have any questions.

— Amy —

I have been depressed for the last eight years and I can’t figure out why. I have tried everything. I learned about your product through someone at our church. I read over your literature several times and finally tried the beCALM’d. I wish I could say I wasn’t depressed anymore but I can’t. I can say that the times I am depressed don’t last nearly as long as they used to and to me, this is a great blessing. I have just re-enrolled in college. I am extremely angry that your product has been such a well kept secret and now I wonder how many other medicines are out there that could have helped.

— T. Summers — Fort Collins , CO
Testimonials Modified to meet FDA regulations

My son is 7 years old and I was going crazy with his behavior problems, and lack of attention. I had the teachers at his school calling me and complaining how my child was out of control. I was recommended to take him to a pediatrician for testing for xxxx. I was scared to have to put him on a Drug, so I came to the internet for help. This is where I found xxxx. I have had many people say what a difference it has made. He is calmer and is finally doing well in school. Even his teacher has mentioned what a difference this has made, and has asked me where to get this product, for her son has been on xxxx for a few years and would like to try this. He is no longer causing a disturbance in school and is finally concentrating. My son has even said that he has noticed how much it has helped him, to stay focused. Thank You.

Chris S & Pamela N – Canada
My son was diagnosed with xxxx at 5 years old. Almost every school year has been a nightmare. Since he started taking xxxx 2 months ago everything has changed. We have gone from receiving telephone calls from the school complaining about my son’s behavior to telephone calls from the teacher expressing how pleased she is with his good choices. My son no longer suffers from mood swings, defiant behavior or night terrors. Thank you xxxx you have made a difference we thought could never be achieved.
Louise Taylor
Our youngest child, of three, Joshua seemed to have a problem with concentration in school about two years ago. He would show clear indications of being a fast learner and was very smart, but when it came time to sit and do his homework or school work in class, the teacher noticed that he was easily distracted and could not seem to stay focused. She suggested that his doctor check him for xxxx. The doctor did so, and thought we should try him on xxxx. About six months ago we began to hear and learn about the possible dangers and side effects from xxxx. We talked to some others from our church that said that they heard of some alternatives out there. We prayed and began to search the Internet. We spent hours searching and praying. We found several different approaches and alternatives, being somewhat skeptical of many. We asked God to lead us and He led us to try xxxx. Upon receiving our first shipment, we switched our son completely over to beCalm’d. The results were immediate. In just days, our 10-year-old son Joshua said he felt that the product worked just as well as his medicine. He has maintained outstanding grades in school, mostly A’s and a few B’s. His teacher said that he is doing excellent, staying focused, getting his work done on time and maintaining his high grades. We thank God for this safe, natural, alternative and recommend it to everyone.

Rev. Steven & Lisa B.

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What are the symptoms of ADD/ADHD?

▪ Fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in school work, work, or other activities ▪ Has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities

▪ Does not seem to listen when spoken to directly.

▪ Does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish school work, chores, or duties in the work place (not due to oppositional behavior or failure to understand instructions) ▪ Has difficulty organizing tasks and activities

▪ Avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as homework or school work)

▪ Loses things necessary for tasks or activities (toys, school assignments, pencils, books, etc.) ▪ Easily distracted by extraneous stimuli ▪ Forgetful in daily activities

▪ Hyperactivity:

▪ Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat ▪ Leaves seat in classroom or in other situations in which remaining seated is expected

▪ Runs about or climbs excessively in situations in which it is inappropriate (in adolescents or adults, may be limited to subjective feelings of restlessness)

▪ Has difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly. ▪ Often “on the go” or acting as if “driven by a motor”

▪ Talks excessively

▪ Impulsivity:

▪ Blurts out the answers before questions have been completed ▪ Has difficulty in waiting for his/her turn

▪ Interrupts or intrudes on others (e.g., butts into conversations or games) ▪ Hyperactive-impulsive or inattentive symptoms that caused impairment were present before age 7.

▪ Impairment from symptoms is present in two or more settings (e.g., at school or at home)

▪ Clear evidence of clinically significant impairment in school, academic or occupational functioning

The Neu-Becalm’d Chewable, is an orange flavored sublingual absorption tablet designed to be chewed to a powder and kept in the mouth for up to two minutes. Absorption takes place through the lining of the mouth. The capsules are designed to go through the digestive track. Even though the amounts of the ingredients are different, due to the differences in the absorption technique, the amount received by your blood supply is about the same. 1 capsule = 1 chewable to your body. It’s not what you put in your mouth that counts, it’s what gets into your blood, and brain, that does.

What is Amino Acid Therapy (NeuBecalm’d)?

Stress and other modern-day exciters, such as TV, video games, riding in a car, the internet, etc., cause the brain to deplete the building blocks of bran function (amino acids) much faster than our recent ancestors’ slower paced lives. If these are not replaced somehow, the brain in running on empty, causing a host of modern-day ailments such as ADD/ADHD, Stress, Depression, Substance Abuse, etc. Our modern-day diet and commercial food supply no longer supply sufficient nutrition of this type. Briefly, NeuBecalm’d works by giving the brain the “food” (amino acids) it needs to function properly. Most prescription drugs and other addictive substances work by “tricking” the brain into believing it has these basic elements, without actually supplying them. This causes the inevitable “crash” when they wear off, leaving the sufferer/addict unable to resist further “self medication” and continuing on this “roller coaster” for his/her entire life. This is how the brain is affected in those addicted to alcohol, cocaine, tobacco, heroin, Valium, and speed (Ritalin, Adderall). Prescription drugs are very potent, which is why they work so well, but they leave a host of side effects and potential long-term effects. Amino Acids (in NeuBecalm’d) are chemical messenger building blocks which lead to the production of certain brain substances such as Serotonin, GABA and Dopamine. This affects the brain and body by increasing levels of these substances in the synapse, thereby enhancing a feeling of well-being, calm, happiness, etc. NeuBecalm’d is a patented, synergistic formulation of Amino Acids and vitamins, used for more than eighteen years by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

You talk about “synergism”—what does that mean?

One of the things that makes NeuBecalm’d so special is something called “synergism”. You have probably heard the saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Essentially, this is what synergism means. The exact, patented combinations/amounts of ingredients in NeuBecalm’d are synergistic in the body, becoming “greater than the sum of its individual ingredients”. This means that you could take the exact same ingredients that are in NeuBecalm’d separately, but if you don’t get the exact combinations in the exact amounts, it will not be nearly as effective. This synergistic combination, is so powerful it was illegally copied and sold by Quest IV Health, Inc., which has since been forced to stop manufacturing it by order of a United States Federal Court. It is now legally available only from the registered patent holder, NeuroGenesis, Inc., League City, Texas, USA. This is one of the best testimonials any product could have—to be illegally copied and successfully defended in a US Federal Court. NeuroGenesis, Inc. obtained monetary damages from the losing company. As a direct result of no longer being able to sell this formulation, Quest IV Health has gone out of business.

How long, on average, does it take to see improvement?

The majority of people see some positive results in about 7 to 10 days. A small percentage see results almost immediately (a very few with the first capsules). Others can take up to several months. Continued positive results are reported up to a year and more into therapy. Each person’s needs are different and each will respond in their own time. It’s important to not quit and to take it regularly (on an empty stomach) for at least four weeks. Amino Acid Therapy does not work for everyone. These are not “magic pills” to solve all the world’s woes. The causes of ADD/ADHD, stress, depressions, etc. are numerous and no one treatment (not even prescription drugs) will be effective for everyone. The only way to find out if it will work for you is to try it.

Why do these products have to be taken on an empty stomach?

Amino Acids are very delicate and the products are very precise, patented formulations. If mixed with another amino acid for example, the amino acids in the food will “alter the mix”, eliminating it’s “synergism”. In addition, when combined with food, they are not as readily absorbed. This alone can reduce their effectiveness by up to 60%.

Are your products patented?

Yes, all NeuroGenesis products are formulated using the patented formulations covered by these patent numbers: 4,761,429 5,189,064 5,922,361 6,159,506 and others pending

Are your products clinically proven?

Yes, NeuroGenesis products have been proven by more than eighteen years of use in hospitals and drug treatment centers. They have also been subjected to numerous “double blind placebo controlled” clinical studies. To read the latest one, see NeuRecover-BZ.

Do you give samples?

Unfortunately that is not feasible with Amino Acid Therapy (NeuBecalm’d). Many people have to take it for several weeks before their bodies begin to build up enough to become noticeably effective. Positive results continue to be reported up to a year or more into therapy. This is also true with some prescription drugs, such as Prozac which takes about three weeks.

Is there something I can do right now to help?

Here are some other things that you can consider. They may or may not help, but certainly can’t hurt.

▪ Omega 3 Fish Oil—any health food store—Liquid or Gel Cap Only ▪ Anti-Oxident—any health food store—Start with a good Grape Seed/Pine Bark Extract combination.

▪ Vitamin B Complex—any health food store—Take these at vastly different times from NeuBecalm’d—They will interfere with its “synergism” the most.

▪ Vitamin C—any health food store—Get Ester C, it’s much more absorbable.

▪ Drink distilled water only for at least two months. It will help detoxify the body. (This is important for your entire family.) ▪ Avoid refined white sugar.

▪ Avoid yeast and grains.

▪ Avoid all dairy.

▪ Avoid all food coloring—red in particular.

▪ Diet soft drink chemicals are almost as bad, maybe worse. No good answer here.

▪ Order two bottles of NeuBecalm’d—one for your child and one for yourself. This is the most important thing you can do. No one said this was going to be easy, but you will make an impact if you stick with it! Many members of my family are benefiting from NeuBecalm’d.

Is there a volume discount?

Yes! Become a Preferred Customer or an Independent Wholesales/Distributor.

▪ Preferred Customer—As a Preferred Customer you can save per bottle of NeuBecalm’d. Sign-Up is free. The only requirement is that you agree to purchase at least one bottle per month for a minimum of three months, by automatic shipment. As long as you remain a Preferred Customer you can purchase as many bottles each month as you like at this discounted price per bottle. (No returns allowed on Preferred Customer purchases.)

▪ Wholesaler/Distributor—As a Wholesaler/Independent Distributor you will save $1000 per bottle. You must agree to purchase $50 per month, at wholesale prices for a minimum of three months, by automatic shipment. Additional product purchases are at the same low Distributor prices. (No returns allowed on Wholesaler/Distributor purchases.) Sign-up is a one-time fee for your Professional Distributor Kit which contains the “tools” necessary to help you build your home-based business, helping people find “relief” with NeuBecalm’d. NeuBecalm’d can actually pay for itself! After you try NeuBecalm’d and are convinced of its genuine effectiveness, you can tell others about it. Being a Distributor entitles you to receive wholesale commissions in addition to any profits for passing it on at retail. These commissions can be applied to your own purchases, thus providing your own NeuBecalm’d “free”. Many people make much more money than they spend on their own NeuBecalm’d, thereby building a second income in their spare time. Take a few minutes to look at the NeuroGenesis Marketing Plan, I’m sure you will be impressed.

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